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‘Cookies’ are simple text files stored on your device (computer, mobile, etc) whenever you visit a website. These allow the website to operate.

Some cookies are stored for the duration of your visit (or ‘session’) and are destroyed when you close your browser. Others are retained for a pre-determined period of time (‘persistent’) and allow the site to recall certain information about your previous visits to the site. These also permit the website operator to learn about how visitors use their site and to make improvements to it based on that information.

Like the vast majority of website operators, we make use of Google Analytics and Google Maps API or similar services to monitor the usage of our website and make improvements, which entails the usage of cookies.

If you object to the usage of cookies for any reason, you may configure your chosen web browser to reject or disallow cookies from particular domains. Note that doing so may interfere with the normal operation of websites.

Details of our cookie usage are provided below.

Essential Cookies:

PHPSESSID.www.taxitransferoxford.co.ukA standard cookie used by PHP (the web scripting language on which our web site is built) to uniquely identify a visitor for the duration of their browser session (a session cookie). The value stored in this cookie is not personally identifiable, but does associate user data with a browser session. We log this value along with the visitor\’s IP address for performance, security and debugging purposes
cookieconsent_status.www.taxitransferoxford.co.ukGenerated by the required cookie consent notice displayed at the top of the page, allowing it to know if the notice has already been acknowledged.

Non-Essential Cookies:

CONSENTDVNID1P_JAR.google.co.uk / .comGenerated by Google and used to retain user preferences relating to their services
AID.google.adservices.comGenerated by Google and used to serve relevant advertising to visitors